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Author, Speaker
& Trusted Advisor

Widen your definition of self.

You are more than your work.


The Future of Work is coming, and it will revolutionize your life and livelihood.

The pandemic drastically changed the way we conduct business. People now crave agency and autonomy. Those who embrace this new paradigm will thrive. Those who don't will get left behind.


Zack encourages you to find your Personal Genius and create a prosperous work life around it.

Winning in the Future of Work highlights the biggest changes on the workplace horizon. It provides effective strategies to help manage your personal brand and leverage your unique skills to their fullest extent. 

With the right preparation and mindset, you can achieve new levels of empowerment, independence, and success.

Winnng at future of work

Zack’s book inspired me to re-evaluate my life. I was tired of working long hours and wanted something more. Zack showed me how to re-organize my professional life so that I could find more personal freedom.

- Amazon Reviewer

Winning in the Future of Work is a must read! If you are a business owner or an employee this book pushes you to reconsider how you can be inspired both at work and in life.

- Amazon Reviewer

This book left me asking why all corporations aren’t embracing this new way of working. Afterall, employees are more productive when they are happy and fulfilled!

- Amazon Reviewer

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About Zack

Zack Bennett has spent his life bouncing between the majestic mountains of Colorado and the bustling streets of New York City. He rebelled against his hippie parents by seeking success as a Fortune 500 executive.

In search of more meaning in his life, Zack turned to the fast-paced world of startups. Though he excelled, he couldn’t help but feel that making money for other people wasn’t his calling.


Studies in Buddhism and yoga taught Zack a better way to relate to work, life, and livelihood. He now passionately shares his knowledge with others as an author, speaker, and trusted advisor.

Speaking & Consulting

Zack Bennett’s dual backgrounds as a business expert and devout Buddhist gives him a unique perspective on work and life. This dynamic, engaging speaker is on a mission, encouraging others to widen their definition of self. 


You are more than your job.

Zack is passionate about creating a workplace culture that values financial prosperity, spiritual growth and most of all, joy. His tips and insight will help you nurture a work-life harmony that balances your needs and desires. You can have it all. 

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